Ocean Sunset, Glenenden


Family Tree, Nature v. Nurture

Self portrait, Lisa Caballero


Gerald Shorey, Pastry Chef

Box of Chocolates 3

The Club Hobart

Oregon City Paper Mill

Silos with reflection

Pens, contained

Darigold Milk Processing Plant

Lisa Caballero, Bread Ends

Lisa Caballero, Cape Meares

Lisa Caballero, Vessels

Birthday Vanitas, Lisa Caballero

The Scientist, Lisa Caballero

Sketch of Roses, Lisa Caballero

Bread and Board, Lisa Caballero

The Young Hostess, Lisa Caballero

Champagne and Dessert, Lisa Caballero

Soup Tureen, Lisa Caballero

Yellow Glad in Starfire Vase, Lisa Caballero

Blue Vase

Blue Bouquet, Lisa Caballero

Still Life with Vinegar, Lisa Caballero

Plato's Clear Plastic Box, Lisa Caballero

Milk and Cake, Lisa Caballero

Orange Bouquet, Lisa Caballero

Bread and Butter, Lisa Caballero

Birthday Party

Pears in a Basket

PTA Meeting

Apples and Pears

Coffee and Keys

Composition in Red and Blue

Red Pot


Red Onions in Bag

Wrap Me Once, Wrap Me Twice

Hellgate Bridge

Weeping Pears

Five Pears

Bag of Apples (black background)

Five Pears

Thawing Snow


Spanish Still Life with Mixed Nuts

Refraction with Plum and Lemon

Echoes and Dead Roses

Vic Louise

Summer Stillness

Nike of Samothrace

Refraction with Dried Flowers

Deck Chair

La Jolla