Things used to sometimes drive me nuts, so I'd write an essay and feel better. What's happening in the art world(s) bothers me less now, but I'm still glad I wrote the essays and got those ideas out of my system. They still apply. The first essay is part critique of the current state of American contemporary realism, part exhortation: How Are We Doing?, 2007

The longer, 2003 essay, is titled Why Realism Survives. It's my thoughts on why people still find Realism relevant, after a century that was pretty hostile to it. Ingrid Bergman viewed Casablanca after not having seen in for decades and said something like, "you know, it's not a bad movie." I recently reread this essay and had a similar reaction. (Not that I'm Ingrid Bergman, or this is Casablanca . . . but I knew how she felt.)(10/14)