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Portland Building Ads
Vintage Portland: Exploring Portland's past
Blue Ruin: A Portland Photo Blog
Portland Architecture: a blog about design in the rose city

Articles on Vision

The Impressionists' bible is an article which was published in Nature about Ogden Rood's textbook on optics and color mixing. The textbook was widely read by French artists, including Monet. Ogden's book, Modern Chromatics: With Applications to Art and Industry, can be read online from Google books.

This Phantascope site is one I want to explore a great deal more. But that is because I am very interested in binocular vision, depth perception and how the conventions of the European painting tradition aid in creating the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. Escher's comments about Cezanne are fascinating.

Eyeshots is the website of a consortium of scientists who are investigating vision and motor control. I've got it linked because of its bibliography: lists of research papers on the nuts and bolts of how our brain constructs a visual reality.

Not for the feint of heart, The Brightness of Colour is scientific article published in PLOSone about why equiluminant colors appear to humans to have different values. Neurobiology + mathematics = insight.

Web design

The WebChicklet site is a God-send for anyone wanting to learn how to use Cascading Style Sheets.

I used the MaxDesign tutorial to walk myself through building my style sheets.

Draplin Design is a graphic design/logo company with a nifty, and frequently updated, web site. People send in beautiful retro advertisements; good place to see nice graphic design.

Flipping Typical is a handy-dandy tool for viewing and comparing fonts.

Wikipedia has a nice classification of sans-serif fonts.

I always appreciate people who try to bring standards and simplicity to a chaotic world. PositionIsEverything does that for CSS page layout.

A List Apart is an online magazine for web designers; it pays special attention to standards and best practices.

A couple museums

These two Northwest museums have nice collections of American art.

Schools offering academic training

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